play bass/guitar/mandolin/kazoo and too many others
have two dogs and sometimes a rat
you post or support racism/fascism/sexism/homophobia/transphobia or any other form of hate then you can fuck off
can find me on a fair few other things with same username as me url
forever destined to be alone



The Bouncing Souls - Gone

It was a darkness all my own
a song played on the radio,
but it went straight to my heart
I carried it with me
until the darkness was gone…


Where have you gone?

You used to be the one I looked up to.

Something’s wrong with me
I can’t seem to sleep
Something’s wrong with me
I can’t get happy
No one loves me
No one wants me
No one cares

sometimes i just get the feeling im gonna spend the rest of me life alone

seems to be hitting me more often than not

Anonymous asked
How many people have you been with? Whats your favorite food

And I’d say pasta with some cheese…simple is bliss :-)
Cheers anon



I wonder if I’m anyone’s tumblr crush.
But then I see my face and I’m like “noooooooo” hahah self disrespectttt

You are my tumblr crush

Shut up Banksy….you are gorgeous

So it’s Tuesday




That means it’s TMI TUESDAY.

So go ahead and ask me things, anon or not, because that’d be pretty rad.

And I’ll tag everything with TMI and TMI Tuesday so you can blacklist it if you want.

Do your worst :)

Bringit on :-)